About Ryan

Ryan Christenson is a full stack (LAMP) web developer working in the Gold Country/Sacramento Area of California.

Short History

Ryan's career began when he was a teenager and interested in technology decided to create a Star Wars fan site. As time went on, the website ended up evolving into a network of several sites with other niches. In the end it became a blog called The RSWR Network that features various ongoing open source web projects.

Ryan later studied web development and business information systems gaining additional incite and knowledge into the web development world.

Project Priorities

Ryan's top three priorities for every project is, readability, security, and going beyond for each client's needs and expectations.

Founded Projects

UPC Food Search

Ryan founded UPC Food Search, a food search engine that gives detailed information on food ingredients. With the goal to explain ingredient's origins, why they are used in food products, and to gather additional data on food allergies.

Technology Experience

Ryan works with a variety of  computer technologies, some of which include:

  • Front-end Technologies
    HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap (3/4/5)
  • Back-end Technologies
    LAMP Stack Developer  (Linux, Apache HTTP Server, MySQL/MariaDB relational databases, and PHP server language.)
  • Web App Experience
    WordPress, Drupal, Custom CMS, and Various Public APIs
  • API Experience
    Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, Facebook, Twitter, Cloudflare, Intuit/QuickBooks, MailChimp, Stripe, Vimeo, GoToWebinar, OneAll, Active Campaign, ipStack, SendGrid, Indeed, Bitly
  • Security
    Security is one of Ryan's top priorities. Custom applications and WordPress projects must always be secure with up to date secure passwords practices. Secure applications from common threats such as Dos/DDoS, Brute force attacks, XSS, and SQL Injection. Cloudflare is utilized to provide extra protection to the server and client websites.


The following projects have had one or more of the following services; custom web application design (PHP/JavaScript), custom JavaScript (from scratch, jQuery, and AngularJS), custom made Content Management System (CMS), Bootstrap(3/4) HTML5, CSS, Search Engine Optimization (SEO). All projects are also personally hosted utilizing AWS servers with current security standards.

Website Projects

Custom PHP / JavaScript Projects

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